Training to help you achieve your Excavator Licence (LE).

At AAA Training as well as training, we also provide assessment and licensing for all load shifting equipment we can provide everything that you or your employees need to become licensed at one convenient location.

Our Excavator courses are designed for students who are both new entrants to the construction and Earth moving industries and for those who have operated an Excavator under supervision on work sites and require licensing. Excavator operations require licensing from Work Cover NSW.
AAA Training provides a pathway to obtain an Excavator licence. Students must meet the following criteria in order to obtain Excavator operations licence:
• Participation in course theory and practical demonstration.
• Theory component will include completion of exam, discussion, questioning.
• Observation will include operation of the excavator, in a variety of settings, machine operations,      skills monitoring meeting OH&S and Work Cover NSW standards.
Training and theory can be delivered off-the-job at the AAA Training centre, or on site at your
Premises. Training delivery combines face-to-face trainer led theory classes and practical sessions involving small group and individual activities.
Candidates are provided with a training manual that covers all parts of the course. Additional material will be made available during training sessions if required.
In order to gauge your understanding and competency in undertaking Excavator Operations, two forms of assessment evidence are required. These will include:
• Demonstration (of machinery)
• Questioning (Question/Answer session)
• Practical Assessment
• Identify Hazards
• Written/Verbal test (For verbal testing, please consult with your trainer)
• Completion of log book detailing work type and hours
The key areas of understanding you will need, in order to be assessed as competent by your instructor are:
• Occupational Health and Safety regulations
• Maintaining an Excavator
• Monitoring site conditions
• Theoretical knowledge
• Operating skills
All candidates who undertake this course are provided with advice on licensing, employment and
Training options in the construction sector.
At AAA Training we strongly believe in that for the best outcome for both the employer and the employee is to have as much 1:1 student and trainer and machine time as possible to achieve a safer and a more competent operator and that is why we only train in small groups of no more than 5 students per trainer.

Here at AAA Training we know that when you call that you need your licence as soon as possible and we pride ourselves on helping you to achieve that goal when you need it.